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We're working on some unannounced projects. We've also published the Mandalier app available on the iPhone and iPad and soon coming to Android phones.

Mandalier App

For mindfulness and meditation

The Mandalier app procedurally generates complex constantly changing geometric images. Just a glimpse of the range of images are shown here.


Mandalier picture

The app has a wide variety of colors and settings that allow for thousands of combinations and hundreds of hours of non-repeating images.


Animated mandalas


Mandalier privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 08-11-2022

Here at ForkingPathsStudio we value privacy. On our website and in the app Mandalier, we collect no data, use no cookies, store no information about you. We have no plans to collect any such data and collecting such data is inimical to our values.

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